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Home Additions and Add-ons, Garage Conversions

Blue Home Solutions' general contractor team takes your home addition or add-on project from A-Z. We are fully licensed and work with architects and engineers to make your vision into a reality. Whether you want to do a garage conversion,  add a bathroom, add a kitchen, add a bedroom, expand the living romo or remodel an existing space to fit your purpose, we can help you design and execute.


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Garage conversions

How much does it cost to change the garage into a livable suite? 

Typically, between $200-$300 per square foot depending on the finishes and layout to turn your garage into a bedroom or office. We will help you do it from beginning to end. 

Home Addition

We are home addition contractors that specialize in medium to large scale projects involving major structural framing, plumbing and electrical work. Contact us for a step by step walkthrough of the process.

Adding a bedroom

Adding a bedroom to your home adds value and convenience. We can help you remove walls, add walls and take your project from beginning to fully finished.

Bathroom or Laundry Room Add-on

We handle heavy plumbing relocation, electrical work and moving waste drains without any headaches. If you want to add a bathroom or laundry room to your home, split one bathroom into two or remodel an existing bathroom we are here to help.

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