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Things To Consider When Choosing Exterior Paint For Your Orange County, CA Home

Consider exterior painting if the outdoor walls are fading, peeling, or cracking, or if you are bored of how your home looks and feels from the outside and want to refresh its appearance. No home improvement project boosts the curb appeal and adds to the resale value as a coat of high-quality paint on the exterior of your Orange County, CA home. It also protects the property from the elements and makes a great first impression on the visitors.

However, exterior painting is an arduous task. A homeowner should decide whether to hire a painting company or opt for DIY exterior painting. Another vital decision he has to make is selecting the correct exterior paint.

When choosing exterior paint for their home, Orange County, CA homeowners should consider the following things that can aid in decision making:


Durability is a vital criterion while choosing the exterior paint. The paint you select should have a longer life and superior ability to withstand extreme weather events. It should offer a uniform finish and hold well even after exposure to harsh elements. Satin and eggshell offer the best exterior wall paint finishes, which are durable and easier to clean.


In Orange County, CA, the summers are short, dry, and warm, and the winters are long and cold. Take the local climatic conditions into account, as constant exposure to unfavorable conditions can reduce the paint life. Choose a paint that can stand up to the local weather and offer a long service life without flaking, bubbling, and peeling.

Type and color

Consider a quality latex or oil-based paint meant for external walls, and always choose paint quality over cost. Dark colors absorb heat and attract dirt which is visible on the walls. Therefore, choosing dark and bright colors is not a good idea for painting the exteriors. Select the colors based on the architectural style, neighborhood pattern, visual effect you are looking to achieve, local weather, and the hard-to-change elements around the house.

Waterproofing ability

Choose an exterior paint with excellent waterproofing abilities. The outside of a home is always susceptible to water damage. A waterproof paint promotes easy water run-off and prevents it from penetrating the walls. It also reduces stains and dirt. The exterior paint should allow the outdoor structure to breathe and have better strength, flexibility, and resistance to washing. It should provide excellent coverage and withstand regular cleaning without compromising the finish.

VOC levels

Low-quality exterior paints and coatings have VOCs or volatile organic compounds, which negatively impact health when exposed to them for a long time and affect the environment. Always consider low or non-VOC exterior paint for the home that does not emit polluting vapors or odors. If you are painting the exterior on your own, always wear safety gear to avoid inhaling toxic fumes.


Exterior painting is challenging and comes with a cost. Choose exterior paints that offer a long warranty period to avoid repainting the home frequently.

The exterior of a home is exposed constantly to extreme weather conditions. Selecting quality exterior paint and ensuring a superior paint job is essential to protect it from outdoor factors like sun, rain, dust, and insects. Consider the factors mentioned above to make a wise choice while choosing the exterior paint for your Orange County, CA, home.

The best exterior paint will maintain the color and protect the home from UV rays and moisture. Hire a professional painting company that can capably complete the exterior painting job.

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