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The Kitchen or Bathroom? Which Should You Remodel First?

Homeowners love remodeling projects. Though it may seem challenging to begin with, the final results make it all worthwhile. Every home improvement project aims at making the home space more functional, enjoyable, and aesthetically pleasing while also boosting its value. Whether remodeling a newly purchased home or the existing one, the successful accomplishment of the job requires careful deliberation.

The kitchen and bathroom are the two most popular home remodeling projects helpful in creating a dream home. They remain at the top of every homeowner’s to-do list as they see the maximum use every day and wear out faster than the rest of the house. However, they both take a significant time and are among the most expensive home remodeling projects.

When given a choice, most homeowners would choose to redo the kitchen and bathroom simultaneously. However, due to time, money, and resource limitation or the inconvenience it can cause, you might have to prioritize one room over the other. Whether to remodel a kitchen or a bathroom first is tough to decide, and it is not unusual for homeowners to feel overwhelmed.

In this post, we discuss a few considerations to help homeowners make the final call.


A critical factor in determining whether to go for a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel first is the amount you are willing to spend on the project. Do some research and work with a professional remodeling contractor to align the goals with the budget to get an idea of which project to take up first. Consider a small, mid-scale, or upscale bathroom or kitchen remodel, depending on what the pocket allows. Whether taking up kitchen or bathroom remodel, prioritize the upgrades depending on the budget and family needs and ensure they add to the functionality and resale value.


Every household has some features they can work with and others they cannot do without. Carefully evaluate the family's needs and consider upgrades essential at that particular point. Doing this can help plan the project efficiently. People who love cooking or entertain guests frequently and find their kitchen space small and inefficient should opt for a kitchen remodel. The kitchen is more visible than the bathroom, and people remodel it to impress guests or create a perfect space for family dinners and entertainment. Families with young kids or parents moving in may find it hard to manage with a compact bathroom space and should focus on the bathroom before the kitchen. Also, bachelors, couples with no kids, families with a disabled member, or people who do not cook frequently may prefer bathroom remodels. Upgrades like a bathtub, walk-in shower, grab bars make the space more functional and their lives more comfortable and relaxing.

Which room needs it the most

The condition of the kitchen or bathroom may also determine which one requires remodeling first. Look around for things that need repairs before focusing on the aesthetics. Remodel the room that requires fixing the most. Redo the kitchen if it is cramped, has a poor layout, less counter space, worn-out drawers, insufficient lighting, or damaged countertops. Focus the time and efforts on the bathroom if it is small, has warped doors and cabinets due to high humidity, or has a broken-down plumbing system. You may also consider adding a new bathroom if you have only one and the family needs have increased over time.

Return on investment

Most remodeling projects aim at creating a more modern space and add to the resale value. Evaluate the goals before making the final choice. Bathroom remodel increases the functionality, while kitchen remodel offers a better return on the investment. If you are looking to sell the home soon, kitchen remodel has the upper hand. Carefully pick up the upgrades as even minor upgrades can offer great value.

Level of inconvenience

Remodeling a kitchen and bathroom is time-consuming, disrupts routine life and makes things a little inconvenient. Consider how much trouble you are willing to endure or which space you can go without for a while. It may be easy to stay without a kitchen if it is possible to create a makeshift kitchen, but with only one bathroom in the house, it can get tough to go without it for long. How efficiently you can plan a workaround for a kitchen or bathroom can facilitate decision-making.

Both kitchen and bathroom remodel are rewarding. While kitchens have greater visibility and remodeling them increases the home’s resale value, a bathroom remodel impacts the quality of life, costs less, and even minor renovations can help sell the home faster. Deciding which one to remodel first largely depends on unique family needs. Working with an experienced remodeling contractor can also accelerate the decision-making process.

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