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Home Renovation Electrical Upgrades You Should Consider

There is no better time to upgrade your electrical than when remodeling!

Renovations aim at improving the appearance and functionality of an older home. Whether contemplating a complete home renovation or updating a few features, making a few electrical upgrades can ensure that the electrical system is up-to-date and meets all the recommendations and regulations.

Several homeowners experience inconvenience due to outdated outlets, old wiring, and faulty electrical system components. A home renovation is a perfect opportunity to work with a professional electrician and make all the required upgrades to the home electrical system for improved performance, efficiency, safety, and convenience.

Here are the top electrical upgrades worth considering during your next home improvement project:

Add more outlets

A thing that troubles most homeowners living in older homes is insufficient and outdated outlets. Upgrade the old two-prong outlets during a renovation to avoid electrical shocks, fires, and power surges. It is also the perfect time to install additional outlets to meet the growing household electricity needs. Having sufficient outlets will keep a few of them spare at a particular time and eliminate the need to unplug some appliances and devices to use others.

Update the electrical panel

Modern households use up to 50% more energy than older homes as they have additional appliances, gadgets, and devices that need extra energy to operate. As the demand for electricity increases with time, so does the need for upgrading the electrical panels to meet the rising demand safely and efficiently. Hire an electrician to replace the breaker box and electrical panel for a safe and surge-free home.

Set a charging station

Almost every modern home has devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones, demanding frequent charging. Adding a charging station is one of the most common electrical upgrades people make during a renovation. A dedicated place to recharge your hand-held devices eliminates clutter and free-up outlets for other uses.

Add GFCI’s

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI is a crucial component in every home. They promote a safer living environment in bathrooms, kitchens, basement, outdoor areas, or rooms with high exposure to moisture. GFCI shuts off the power to a particular outlet if it detects water or unusual current flow to protect the appliances from damage and prevent electrical shocks and fires. GFCI outlets are an inexpensive safety feature that most modern homes have, but older homes lack. An electrical contractor can install or replace GFCI outlets based on the home’s need or local building code requirement.

Rewire the home

If the home wiring has not seen an upgrade in decades, it is time to do it now. Outdated wiring can find it hard to meet the advanced technology demands, leading to overloading. Old wiring is unreliable and increases the possibility of an electrical fire, shock, and surge. An electrician can inspect the wiring system, rewire the home, and install new circuits and switches for home safety to avoid frequent power problems.

Smart home upgrades

The demand for smart home features has increased considerably in recent years. Consider making your home a smart one when renovating. It allows homeowners to use their smart devices to manage the entire home remotely. Popular upgrades include smart door locks, alarm systems, lighting, outlets, appliances, motion detectors, cameras, and thermostats. The cost may act as a deterrent for some people, but the benefits are worth the investment.

Surge protectors

A whole-house surge protection system offers protection against large surges. During a circuit overload, severe storm, or other extreme events, the surge protector redirects excess electrical current into the ground to protect the gadgets, equipment, and appliances from damage. A home renovation project is a perfect time for surge protector installation.

If you are planning a home renovation, consider these electrical upgrades to improve the quality of life and make your home safe and secure. An experienced electrical contractor can inspect the current electrical system to suggest upgrades that can prove beneficial in the long run.

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