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Too Bright, Too Dark, and Just Right

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

The Right & Wrong Lighting

Have you ever sat in a space and felt something was just not right? Don't be so quick to judge last nights take out if you’re feeling sleepy and have a headache. The excitement of the design and functionality process can sometimes overstep on the importance of proper lighting. Poor lighting can drastically affect our bodies and cause some serious side effects such as mood swings, fatigue/nausea, eye soreness, headaches, agitation, and so much more! That gorgeous new space you created and can’t wait to spend every minute in? Yah, you’ll be aching to get yourself out as quickly as possible with the wrong type of lighting.

Lighting is Key

Lighting is key to a healthy balanced home life, and that's why it's important to decide what type of lighting will be turned on in each space to ensure a healthy flow! Here are the three most common types of lighting that the experts go by.

General or Ambient Lightning:

This type of lighting is used to brighten up a space and make the interior visible. With

ambient lighting, think of light that helps provide a natural light coming into the space. General lighting is for bedrooms and common areas like the living room.

Task Lighting:

Task lighting on the other hand is more specific. This type of lighting offers more detail for specific tasks that you are working on at home, however ambient lighting is usually present in this space but with the help of task lights an increase of luminous is given to the area for better functionality. This type of lighting is generally in areas where you cook, study, or are working on specific tasks (sewing, knitting, drawing, writing, applying makeup, shaving, etc.) Places where you need more focus and concentration will have a stronger light to help you navigate safely for your specific tasks.

Accent Lighting:

Accent lighting is exactly what you think it is! Lights that add accent to a room or specific object. Accent lightings can help bring out the details in artwork you have placed in a room or maybe dramatize certain furniture, carpets, paints, or fixtures. Whatever you choose to emphasize your accent light will be there to help provide the proper and necessary lighting needed!

Now you know!

Knowing the lighting categories and exactly which light fits what room best will ensure a more natural and positive feng shui for your home! When changing your bulbs or renovating your home be sure to see which category of light your space falls in to give your home a more natural feel.

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