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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's) are a great way to have your own home office!

With your own ADU for your home office, you will be able to focus better without the distractions of having an office inside of your current home. Having distractions when trying to work from home can make your job more stressful.

Having your own separate office is an excellent way to have peace of mind every single day. You may have an office now inside of your current home with the family nearby, but having an ADU will give you the most privacy that one can ask for with their home office space.

What is an ADU? It is a small home that has its own entrance and it consists of 1-2 bedrooms with a kitchen and bathroom. ADUs make a great home for retirees, college students, and for your family who may be coming in for an overnight stay.

With your separate home office in your ADU, you will be able to have your own getaway to be able to focus better on your work away from the normal stresses that come from actually having an office inside of your current home. If you are a fitness instructor, you can have your clients come over to your home office in your ADU and have classes there instead of at the gym. This will help you to save money from not having to commute to and from the gym or wherever your office is. The benefits of having your own ADU on your current property for your home office will exceed your expectations!

At Blue Home Solutions, we specialize in custom designing and building Accessory

Dwelling Units. Adding an ADU is a terrific idea and you cannot go wrong with that.​

We will help you through the whole process from designing to getting the best-finished materials to the construction of your ADU.

Compared to a typical kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or even a full-house remodel, you will get the best ROI by investing in building yourself an ADU. You may be able to generate 8% to 15% ROI when building and ADU and renting it out for either short-term or long-term rental. Please check out our website to learn more at Blue Home Solutions. We will help you to pick our your materials and show you how we can create the perfect ADU for you and your family with our custom designed layouts. We will help you through the entire process of creating your dream ADU Home.

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