Either you are buying your next home, or you are investing in some rental properties, we can help. We find you the hot spots with the highest ROI and Cap Rate. Then we find the best properties within those desired zip codes. 


We hire professional appraisers to assign the right value to your property.


We list your property in various databases we have access to, to make sure we close a great deal quickly.


When representing the landlord, we make sure they find the most qualified tenants.

When representing the tenant, we find the best properties in shortest time.



"We only recommend what we would invest in ourselves."

-Amir Vasseti - Founder

Keeping it simple:

1. As investors, we are constantly scanning the market for new investment opportunities. 

2. We buy properties ourselves and make recommendations to clients when coming across great deals.

3. If you are interested in expanding your asset portfolio, increasing passive income, or just want to learn more let us help you!



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