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Complete Project from Scratch:
ADUs (mother in law suite, granny flat or guest house)



Planning (4-5 weeks)

Choose from a plan or work with us to develop a custom design. Pick finish materials, establish location on lot, draft engineering drawings.


Permitting (4-8 weeks)

We're familiar with the permitting process and work with the city or county directly pulling permits.


Build (4-6 months)

Using our team of subcontractors and own crew, we build and deliver your project.

Cost / Price Breakdown of New Construction Accessory Dwelling Unit Build

Cost per square foot varies on size and finishes. For a more detailed breakdown, schedule a free meeting! These are costs for Southern California (Orange County and surrounding areas)

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What is an ADU?

ADUs also knows as accessory dwelling units, granny flats, mother-in-law suites, guest houses and detached units are a fully featured home. They are built on a concrete foundation just like a regular house.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms should my ADU have?

Between 1-2 bathrooms and 1-3 bedrooms are the most common mix of selections. Sometimes there are no bedrooms at all when used as office space or a separate home gym.

How much does it cost to build an ADU?

Build costs depend on complexity and the selection of finish materials such as flooring, cabinets, tiles and countertops. Expect between $250-350 per sq ft. in Orange County, LA county, San Diego county and surrounding areas.

Should I start a plan from scratch or use an anything?

Pre-existing plans are optimized to use the space in the most efficient way possible. Hundreds of hours have been put into scrutinizing each plan's details. Using existing plans also saves a lot of time during the planning phase and we give special discounts on them because we are familiar with them which makes building easier.

Can I rent out my guest house or ADU ?

Yes you certainly can in most cases! In fact, the cap rate (or ROI) is as high as 8-10% per year.  Cities and counties in California (like Orange County, LA County, San Bernardino County) have passed regulation to make renting ADUs easy. In fact, the state has passed assembly bill or SB 9 in order to solve housing shortages by allowing people to build and rent ADUs. Some jurisdictions limit short term rentals such as AirBnbs since their goal is to house people long term.

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